About Us


Our Approach - Putting the pieces together.

We shepherd you through the session with a mix of traditional retail lobbying, grassroots coordination and technology. We develop talking points for ourselves and our client. We introduce our legislation in the strategic order that is selected. We utilize LobbyUp to monitor the progress of our own legislation and to play defense. We utilize the LobbyUp web portal that is installed on your website to give individuals the power to find bills and see the bills that are tracked on behalf of our client.

After the legislative session we attend meetings at the capitol to monitor the interim. We use this time to connect our clients with the legislature, further branding yourselves at the Capitol. We will occasionally attend legislative conferences to better develop our relationships with legislators and their families. We will sponsor events on behalf of our clients and host educational meetings with legislators and our clients. We are also happy to attend any stakeholder meeting on your behalf.